Lee Pearce is dedicated to conducting confidential divorce mediations in such a way that the playing field is level, both parties are fully informed and free to explore creative solutions to their divorce issues. The process is conducive to reaching a fair, amicable result in a cost-effective way which leaves both parties with their dignity intact. Whether you need help resolving a custody dispute, valuing and dividing marital property, calculating child support or alimony (sometimes called spousal support or maintenance) or agreeing on a timeshare or parenting plan, Lee can help you reach an amicable resolution of your divorce. Since mediation is always confidential, you can resolve your divorce disputes quickly, expediently, and completely out of the public eye. The confidential mediation process encourages both parties to speak freely, without the fear that what you say may later be used against you in court. His goal is to reach results that preserve the maximum amount of the marital estate for division between the parties and minimize the cost of a divorce proceeding, both in financial and emotional terms. As a skilled and highly qualified mediator, Lee can use his thirty-nine years of experience to help you craft creative divorce solutions at a fraction of the cost it would take to fight it out in court.

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